Blog #3 ~ Food

I might be only 4 months old but hey – I’m a Basset hound. There’s a long lot of me or should that be, a lot of long me. I like my food, okay. Am very verbal when it comes to food. Mom gives us pretty tasty food too.

Every now and then she sends our taste buds through the roof and gives us real human food, but that’s not often. She has to feed Skunk and my own furry self in different places otherwise I bump Skunk out of the way and snarf all his food. She caught me doing that once and I got a tap on the butt – must have irritated the hell out of her because she doesn’t often smack me.

She tried this ridiculous thing of getting me to sit and stay before I can bury my nose in my bowl. Did you ever?

We’ve compromised. I sit and do the “give me my food now” howly bark but there is no staying involved once that bowl hits the floor.

Skunk the sucky-up punk sits and stays – then he eats his food very elegantly – one pellet at a time. Me, I snaffle my snout around the bowl and slurp up as many as I can get. Am too lazy to stand while I eat, so I sit – rather awkward to sit elegantly when you are a long dog.

I¥€color=”#0p p>I¥€col’ve heard Emma make comments about me looking like Eeyore – you know – Pooh Bear’s donkey. I think that’s a bit rude if you ask me. Anyway, am trying to teach Skunk some good Bassetly habits – he clearly doesn’t have any decent breeding of his own, so I’ll have to lend him some of mine.

Once, when Mom was scoffing something with her coffee – a piece fell onto the floor. I was very helpful and vacuumed it up quickly.

Great fuzzy fur-balls but that tasted good!

I leaped around and did the clown act to try and get some more – sucker – it worked.

Rusk. Yum.

It’s become a morning routine now – Skunk and I each get a bit of rusk. I can tell you, from the moment she picks up that shiny silver tin I start woof woof woofing and watch her like a hawk to make sure that Skunk does not get a crumb more than me. In fact, first time Skunk got some I could not control myself and tried to eat his face to get at that bit of rusk.

Got a tap for that one too.

I’ve taught Skunk a valuable lesson in life – he who does not gobble fast – loses out.

I, on the other hand, can sit and eat at leisure. I tell you – size does count.


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