Blog #4 ~ Sick as a Dog

Mom and I often go fetch the mail from the post box – quite a treat if truth be told because we’re not often allowed in the front garden. Not since Skunk and I decided that some of the flowers needed trimming and transplanting.

Trotting down the driveway also gives us a chance to sneak a peek into the neighbors’ garden and check if all is in order. Anyway, that particular day she surprised the fur off me.

Hey Zed-Boy, she said, here’s a letter for you.

For me? Really? Marvelous!

Hope it’s one of those jobbies with lots of papers inside and the nice smelly gluey stuff that sticks to my gums when I slobber on it.

Nope! But it did have a picture on it that was almost as cute as Slayer and me. Was quite tasty too. Turns out the letter was an invitation for me to have one of those nasty pricky things.

Yeah yeah – I know they are necessary but does not mean I actually have to like them. Although I’ve added the dressing gown dude to my stuff now – ever since I was sick as a dog (I know where that saying comes from) and he made me better. He also had a go at Mom when she chunked in the surgery – said it made his patient feel bad. Darn woofin’ true it does – I’m the one in pain here – not her.

Actually, he’s not too shabby – he warms up the pricky stuff in his mouthªf iI’m thmoujus before he sticks it into my fine furry neck. Nosey old mom asked him why and he reckoned it didn’t sting so much.

So anyway, last week I was feeling a bit off – as in I threw up my breakfast and indeedy – actually let Skunk steal a few of my lunch pellets. Mom had a freak-fest and then alternated between watching me and the clock until it was time to schlep me off to the vet.

Eish! I reckon she’s a bit on the paranoid side you know. Was a tad miffed to see that my dressing gown dude had changed somewhat – got taller and skinnier and forgot to put on his gown.

Okay – so then I felt a bit stupid when I sniffed it wasn’t my stuff at all – but a stranger. Aw sheesh – now I like strangers a lot, but not when it comes to personal things like taking my temperature; it’s about time somebody comes up with a more dignified way of doing this – really – we dogs would appreciate it a lot.

The new dude wasn’t too shabby either because I’m better now.


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