Blog #6 ~ Seriously Sad Hound Dogs

Skunk and me were awfully sad.

Slayer, our beautiful furball kitty that we loved playing with and sitting on, got eaten by car.

Right outside our house too.

Meanie people who killed her put her little broken furry body together with the black rubbish bags outside their house.

Lucky for us the municipality doesn’t take dead w€’t take fond w€’tpussycats otherwise we would never have known what happened to her. Poor Emma – she spotted her across the road when she was at the gate saying goodbye to jock-boy. Em chunked so much we let mom use our favorite bear blankie to wrap Slayer up. When Ernest came later we all buried her at the bottom of the garden.

Skunk and me go check out the patch every now and then to have a quiet woof with her.

We miss her a lot.

Luckily, our stuff Luan came on the weekend. He cheered us up a whole bunch. We totally enjoy it when he comes home – he’s a bit like a typhoon – can make more mess in two seconds flat than both Skunk and me put together. Plus he’s the same as us. Gets bored easily and is always looking for something to do. When he sits on the floor watching TV, we sneak up and ambush him from both sides, slobber all over his face and bounce around on his legs.

This makes him giggle and screech, which makes us mega excited and so we all charge around the lounge like lunatics.

Sometimes Skunk the Punk loses it completely and attacks our basket.

This is hilarious because the squidgy middle bit lands upside down on top of him and he runs around, growling, snarling and bumping into things, trying to kill it.

Something I really enjoy doing for Mom, is decorating the floor with flower footprints. It works best when the tiled floor is nice and sparkly clean – and it’s all wet and muddy outside. If I work fast I can cover the whole house in pretty quick time, so it’s a nifty surprise for Mom when she gets out of the shower.

That’s one of the good things about us bassets you know – our lovely long bodies are attached to these stunningly sturdy feet. It’s quite hard to budge us when we don’t want to move, but oh meatballs when we actually do want to move, we sure can move-it move-it.

Mom and Alpha drove off with Skunk the Punk in the car on Monday morning – hellooooo – without me! What a cheek.

I nabbed the opportunity to help her unpack the last few boxes next to her desk. When she came home I was somewhat excited to show her what a clever boy I’d been but ghah… turned out she wasn’t actually very impressed.

In fact, she looked at me with big eyes and said Oh Zed-Boy, which, quite frankly, makes me feel a lot shoddier than when she yells at me.

Worse, Skunk came back wearing a spiffy red collar – okay – not as smart as my studded job, but still.

Serves her right that Skunk hooched in the car. Next time she should take me too – even if it is only to the dressing gown dude.

Mind you, a few weeks ago we both went off in the car … Skunk really doesn’t like driving you know. He gets all nervous, starts to slobber and drool. Unlike yours truly of course… who sits perfectly calmly, quietly customizing the seatbelt thingy.

Also like scrooching my nose around the window – although after a while it does make it a bit difficult to see what’s going on outside with all the dog-nose-art.

And where did we land up – at Aunty Wendy’s – having our toenails trimmed.

Freaking girlie if you ask me, not a manly thing to do at all. Wasn’t one bit impressed because I’d been growing my nails nice and long so that I could bury my bones faster.

Had my system down pitty-pat. Mom gives us each a bone. I bury mine chop chop, then sneak up and snarf Skunk’s bone. While he’s chunking and looking hard-done-by, I charge off – into the bushes at the bottom of the garden.

Smart hey? Two bones for me!

But that tiresome mom has this thing about fairness, so now she puts me outside and Skunk gets to stay inside.

Foiled again!


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