Shiba Inu Who Survived House Fire Becomes Therapy Dog For Burn Victims

Taka is a Shiba Inu with a tragic backstory that is using his experiences to bring hope and comfort to others.

The nine-year-old dog was badly burned in a fire back in 2018, and after some time at the Care More Animal Hospital, he was adopted by one of the vet techs, Crystal Lesley, who fell head over heels for the affectionate pup.

Taka had won the hearts of everyone working at the hospital, but during his treatment, he developed a special bond with Lesley, who decided that she would be the one to foster him.

Lesley would eventually get Taka into Therapy dog training to help him bring comfort to others who have been in his situation.

The Canine Training Project
Coming home with Lesley was a wonderful moment for Taka, who had recently experienced multiple traumas. He had not only lost his sight in the fire, but his family too.

Care More Animal Hospital
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